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Greg Morrone owner of The FIT Lab

Greg Morrone


Greg Morrone is the owner of The FIT Lab. Greg is passionate about helping members of our community live longer, more fulfilling lives through consistent training and adopting habits that support a healthy lifestyle. Greg’s focus and attention while guiding all The FIT Lab members throughout their journeys prove daily how much he cares. His investment in education and maintaining best practices, as well as his commitment to professionalism, is unmatched in the Hoboken fitness community – and the industry. Greg became a certified trainer in 2001, an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer (ACE CPT) in 2008, and has acquired numerous accreditations in fitness and holistic health. With more than eighteen years of personal training experience, Greg’s client roster – ranging from celebrities, to seasoned athletes, to beginners – has been diverse. He is inspired by any individual dedicated to improving their health. He understands that everyone has a unique metabolism and body type, and strongly opposes a one-size-fits-all approach to exercise and fitness. After working as a coach in high-end private training studios and as an in-house trainer for major financial institutions in Manhattan for more than a decade, Greg (a Jersey boy at heart) wanted to bring his expertise to Hoboken, where he could improve the lives of a broader range of people. Greg’s primary mission in the fitness industry is to: 1.) Help as many people as possible improve their quality of life through sustainable exercise. 2.) Provide career opportunities and mentor as many serious fitness professionals as he can. Greg recently co-founded Unicorn Wellness LLC with Mark Fisher ( Mark Fisher Fitness). Unicorn Wellness invests and develops fitness and health franchises, which provides Greg with a bigger platform to advance his mission.

Jason Bowen coach at The FIT Lab

Jason Bowen

Head Trainer

After a successful career in finance, Jason made the leap into the fitness industry when The FIT Lab launched in 2013. He’s currently the Head Trainer and devotes extensive time to the continuing education and development of our team. Jason is keenly aware of the benefits that physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle can bring to busy and stressed-out working professionals. Jason’s desire to help people started while recovering from shoulder surgery after a snowboarding injury years ago. During this time, he gained valuable insights into gaining strength, shedding excess weight WHILE resolving many common aches and pains. He uses these experiences to relate to some of the everyday struggles of our members. Jason is a very attentive coach inspired by helping members progress and achieve their goals. He uses a principle-based approach that undergoes constant editing and refinement. Jason accomplishes this by routinely reinvesting in himself through mentorships and continuing education to provide our members with the most current, advanced, and effective training methods. Jason’s knowledge and passion inspire and motivate our members during and beyond their sessions at The FIT Lab.

Ron Rhea coach at The FIT Lab

Ron Rhea


Ronald Rhea, NCSF-CPT, is a fitness professional with over ten years of experience in the industry. He earned his B.S. in Biomechanical Engineering from Stanford University. Ronald’s thirst for adventure and knowledge motivated his journeys to Asia and Eastern Europe, where he discovered modern and ancient exercise modalities. While overseas, he launched his fitness career- coaching one-on-one and in group settings. The individuals Ron worked with had a wide range of fitness experience – from “weekend warriors” to national-level athletes and military personnel. Ron has a wide range of exercise certifications, including : StrongFirst Level II Kettlebell Instructor, Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor, and USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach. He applies his diverse knowledge and skills to develop integrated strength and conditioning programs geared toward safely improving athletic performance and the overall health of his clients. Ron’s expertise is underpinned by the conviction that strength is the foundation for developing physical and mental health. He is fully committed to motivating our members to overcome any hurdles on their health and fitness journey. In his spare time, Ronald enjoys Muay Thai Kickboxing, Olympic Weightlifting, snowboarding, kettlebell training, and general adventure-seeking.

Steve Donald coach at The FIT Lab

Steve Donald

Senior Trainer

Steve graduated from the University of Delaware in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Training and Strength and Conditioning and has been a member of The FIT Lab team since 2015. Throughout his college years, Steve had the opportunity to learn everything from anatomy to advanced exercise physiology in both classic and clinical settings. Steve brings an impressive formal education to the gym and several years of experience working at one of New York City’s most prestigious physical therapy institutions. His background as an Athletic Trainer (AT) positions him well to work with anyone recovering from or working through an injury. His skill set and demeanor have also helped alleviate the fears and misconceptions many people have about strength training for dozens of FIT Lab members during his tenure. Steve’s approach is to develop safe, effective programs emphasizing practical application both in and out of the gym. He strives to learn constantly, and work smarter by drawing inspiration from as many sources as possible.

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