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Our Story

The FIT Lab opened in March 2013. From day one, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering tailored fitness strategies that incorporate consistent training and nutrition into a lifestyle-centered approach. We stand apart by prioritizing sustainable results in a market overly focused on intensity and quick fixes

Our membership is comprised of a community of like-minded people who strive to improve their health and happiness one percent every day, both in and outside of the gym. The FIT Lab team is invested in helping each member achieve their goals while improving their overall quality of life.

Our Mission

Leave no doubt how much we care, from the first interaction to the last. We are dedicated to helping our members achieve real, sustainable results through tailored fitness programs and ongoing support.

Our Approach

The FIT Lab offers personal One-on-one and Small-group Training with an experienced team of coaches, in an environment built on a foundation of respect, knowledge, safety, and professionalism. Our comprehensive approach integrates science-based strength-training workouts, nutrition coaching, and remote support via our members-only communication hub.

We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency. In that spirit, we expect our members to hold themselves accountable. Achieving fitness and health goals requires more than just showing up. Prioritizing nutrition, stress management, sleep, and daily motion every day plays a critical role in success. We take our members’ fitness and health seriously and expect them to do the same. That’s why we provide the resources, motivation, and support when it comes to these priorities in addition to smart, kick-ass workouts in a fun and positive environment.

Giving Back

Giving back to our local and global communities is another core value of The FIT Lab.  The charities we are currently supporting and encouraging others to consider donating to include: 

www.giveindia.org: We wanted to support those hit especially hard by the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

www.8billiontrees.com: In an attempt to offset the carbon footprint that our gym creates.

www.feedingamerica.org: Supporting NJ food banks to help feed those in need. 

The years of the pandemic have hit small businesses hard, but we know how lucky we are and make it a priority to always help others in need. 


The FIT Lab’s team of certified personal coaches works collaboratively to best serve the members of our community through tailored fitness programs that provide sustainable results. Each coach brings a unique background, skillset, and perspective.

Greg Morrone

What members have to say about Greg:

“Greg’s expertise goes above and beyond the physical exercises you do during a gym session.” 

“[Greg] maintains an immaculate facility and is a consummate professional.”


About Greg

Greg Morrone is founder, owner, and head coach of The FIT Lab.

Greg is passionate about helping members of our community live longer, more fulfilling lives through consistent training and the adoption of habits that support a healthy lifestyle. Greg’s focus and attention while guiding all The FIT Lab members throughout their journeys prove on a daily basis how much he cares. His personal investment in education and maintaining best practices, as well as his commitment to professionalism, is unmatched in the Hoboken fitness community – and in the industry.

Greg became a certified trainer in 2001, an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer (ACE CPT) in 2008, and has acquired numerous accreditations in fitness and holistic health. With more than eighteen years of personal training experience, Greg’s client roster – ranging from celebrities, to seasoned athletes, to beginners – has been diverse. He is inspired by any individual dedicated to improving their health. He understands that everyone has a unique metabolism and body type, and strongly opposes a one-size-fits-all approach to exercise and fitness.

After working as a coach in high-end private training studios and as an in-house trainer for major financial institutions in Manhattan for more than a decade, Greg (a Jersey boy at heart) wanted to bring his expertise to Hoboken, where he could improve the lives of a broader range of people. 

Jason Bowen

What members have to say about Jason:

“[Jason is] an amazing and fun trainer. In group sessions, he’s incredibly engaging and explains each circuit in great detail. He’s attentive to form and lets you know exactly what muscles you should be feeling with each movement. I’m never struggling to understand what I should be doing at my workout sessions.”


About Jason

After a successful career in finance, Jason made the leap into the fitness industry when The FIT Lab launched in 2013.  

Jason, who is National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certified, is keenly aware of the benefits that physical wellness brings to busy, stressed professionals. His desire to help people was ignited after shoulder surgery years ago. During his lengthy recovery, he gained considerable insights as well as the ability to relate to clients after his experience regaining strength, shedding excess weight, and resolving many common aches and pains.

Jason is a very attentive coach who is inspired by improving members’ form and function from the ground up. He reinvests in himself through ongoing education to continuously provide our members with the most current, advanced, and effective training methods. 

Jason’s knowledge and passion inspire and motivate our members during and beyond their sessions at The FIT Lab.

Stephen Donald

What members have to say about Steve:

“Training with Steve Donald has been fantastic. He works with you to achieve your individual goals, pushes you when he needs to, and is very personable and flexible with my ever-changing work schedule.”


About Steve

Steve graduated from University of Delaware in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Training and Strength and Conditioning. Throughout college and post-grad, he has rounded out his extensive expertise in many areas, from anatomy to advanced exercise physiology.

Steve not only brings an impressive formal education to the gym; he also has several years of experience working at one of New York City’s most prestigious physical therapy institutions. His background as an Athletic Trainer (AT) positions him well to work with anyone recovering from or working through an injury. His skill set has also helped alleviate the fears and misconceptions many people have about strength training.

Steve’s approach is to develop safe, effective programs with an emphasis on practicality. He strives to learn constantly, and to work smarter by drawing inspiration from as many sources as possible.

Training Packages

The FIT Lab offers several training options to best serve our community. We strongly encourage our members to train at least twice per week in order to achieve optimal results. Prior to scheduling your first session, you will have a free phone consultation to assess goals and expectations, followed by a strategy session with a coach at The FIT Lab to assess levels and abilities. All sessions are one hour, unless otherwise indicated.

One-on-one Training

The FIT Lab’s One-on-one Training package offers members individualized coaching coupled with a fully customized experience. One-on-one Training is ideal if you require or prefer your coach’s full attention, perhaps because you’re recovering from an injury, working through a medical condition, or working toward a specific physical goal (like a marathon or wedding).

*All personal training packages are valid for 6 months.

Standard 8 PT Sessions

$ 795

16 PT Sessions

$ 1525

24 PT Sessions

$ 2200

36 PT Sessions

$ 2970

Small-group Training

Small-group Training is a great fit for those members with a solid foundation in strength training. This format – in groups of three to six people – is designed to retain much of the personalized attention of One-on-one Training, but with the added benefits of team support and camaraderie, as well as being more affordable and easier to schedule. The session format focuses generally on full-body strength and conditioning, while adjusting to the individual needs and abilities of group members. 

Eligibility for Small-group Training is determined during your initial strategy session.

Small-group Training 9x

$ 400

Valid for 1 month

Small-group 13x

$ 500

Valid for 1 month

Small-Group Training 3 Months

$ 1155

1 time payment

Small-group Training 6 months

$ 2250

2 payments

Small-group 12 Months

$ 4200

4 payments


Start investing in your health and happiness today.

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